The parallel connection technology of BOS high-power AC power supply is maturing

2008-07-31 17:51:05

Shandong Boos Power Supply Co., Ltd. has continuously increased the research and application of AC power paralleling technology. At present, the technology has been successfully studied and put into use. Two 400kVA shore power AC power supplies have been successfully put into use in the shipyard, and have been praised by customers. This technology integrates the technical achievements of power electronics, brings new ideas to the power supply scheme of electrical equipment, and the availability of electrical equipment has been greatly improved. It has the following advantages:

1. Increase the capacity of the power system

2. Improve system reliability: N+1 parallel redundant structure

3. The downtime of modular structure is 0, which is high in efficiency, flexible in configuration and saves money

4. Good power output waveform, low switching loss and high efficiency

5. The high power density in the industry greatly saves installation space.

6. High cost performance, sufficient supply and convenient service

7. Full digital control, convenient operation and more humanization