The grid connected inverter of the new energy key project undertaken by Boos Provincial Science and Technology Commission passed the acceptance successfully

2008-05-20 17:45:19

Our company has been taking independent innovation and integration of production, teaching and research as its strategic thinking for many years. Recently, the key project of new energy grid connected inverter undertaken by our company under the Science and Technology Commission of Shandong Province has successfully passed the expert acceptance and achievement appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province.

The project uses DSP as the control core, and realizes the locking and tracking of power grid frequency in a digital way. The current source is composed of current closed-loop control, which is different from the common voltage source composed of voltage closed-loop control, making the feedback power of electric energy easier to control and the harmonic content lower. The product has a broad market prospect and significant economic and social benefits.

The successful passing of this project marks that our company has reached a higher level in the professional technology of grid connected inverter. We will seize the opportunity to expand the international market.